When Not Paying Fees Is a Probation Violation

Minnesota Probation Violation Lawyer If you have to endure a criminal conviction, the best punishment you can hope for is typically probation. It keeps you out of prison and it allows you to retain some forms of personal freedom as well as be with your family. Unfortunately, probation is very much a case of freedom… Read more »

Arrested For Prostitution in Minnesota as an Out-of-State Visitor

Minneapolis Prostitution Lawyer Whether it is to explore any one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, taking in a Vikings game, or to just have a bit of fun in the Twin Cities, many come to Minnesota from out-of-state to enjoy all that the state has to offer. However, what happens if that bit of fun expands… Read more »

Swatting: Juvenile Crime with Deadly Consequences

Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer With the rise of new ways for teens to share experiences and interact with each other, so, too, came the rise of new ways for teens to get themselves in trouble with the law. Over the past few years, there has been a new juvenile prank popping up from time to… Read more »

Consequences of Running From a Criminal Trial

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney For many, being charged with a crime is terrifying. It makes your future wildly uncertain. Will you go to jail? Can you get a job after your potential conviction? What will your family think of you? All of these questions can trigger something in a person, something instinctual that tells them… Read more »

Dissolving the Myth: Being High Isn’t a Crime – Possession Is

When it comes to the law on drugs, it can be seriously complicated, almost unfairly so. With shifting legality on certain substances, it isn’t getting simpler either. However, there is a lot of misinformation about drug crimes that circulates out there. Primary among these misconceptions is that the mere act of being high is illegal…. Read more »

LEGAL ALERT: Major Revision to Minnesota’s DWI Law Took Effect August 1

A major revision to Minnesota’s DWI-related laws has taken effect. The measure, known as “Little Alan’s Law”, became effective August 1, 2018. Among its most significant changes, the new law closes a loophole in Minnesota’s statutes that allowed people who had been charged with a motor vehicle DWI to keep their off-road driving privileges. The… Read more »

The Catch-All Charge That is Disorderly Conduct

We would like to believe that, if the need struck us, we could sing the entire soundtrack of The Sound of Music in the streets at two in the morning at the top of our lungs. At a glance, there should be nothing illegal about it. It is pretty wholesome show tunes, you have the… Read more »

When Receiving Stolen Property is the Same as Theft

It may seem pretty innocent at the time. You buy something for cheap out of the back of a car or even just hold onto things you have received from a friend as a favor. However, while you may or may not know this property is technically stolen, buying it or hold onto it is… Read more »

Mistake of Age as a Defense to Statutory Rape

Sex crimes are treated very seriously in Minnesota, and none more so than sex crimes against younger victims. This is why if you are accused of statutory rape, you need to be dedicated and proactive in your defense or face the consequences. However, often the issue with statutory rape is that the accused didn’t actually… Read more »