What you Should Know About Unreasonable Searches and Warrants

According to the Fourth Amendment Act, persons have a right to the reasonable and legal search and seizure of their private property by police. This act validates the reasonable right of privacy to an area that law enforcement might need to conduct a search or a seizure. Thus, premises such as homes and apartments are… Read more »

The Top Reasons to Consult a Minnesota Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime related to the use, possession, or sale of drugs, then you may be struggling with a great deal of fear and uncertainty. However, there is no reason to go through this difficult and overwhelming time alone, as a Minnesota drug crime defense lawyer can help to protect… Read more »

What Happens if You Are Charged With Welfare Fraud in Minnesota?

A charge of welfare fraud in Minnesota is serious. If you have been charged with this crime or are concerned you may be, then securing a criminal defense attorney will minimize the impact. Just what is welfare fraud? Welfare fraud can be broken down into 3 main categories: Recipient fraud: This includes obtaining welfare through… Read more »

The Minnesota Consequences for Insurance Fraud and Why You Need a Lawyer

The relationship between insurance companies and those they insure has always been a somewhat adversarial one. In an ideal world, every policyholder would only file a claim when their circumstances genuinely qualified and insurance companies would never use frivolous disqualifications to avoid paying out legitimate claims. Unfortunately, here in the real world it’s all too… Read more »

A Minnesota Embezzlement Lawyer: Get the Fairest Possible Defense

If you or someone you love has been charged with embezzlement, this is a serious offense and you need the best and fairest possible defense. The Difference Between Theft and Embezzlement The first thing you need to know is how embezzlement charges differ from traditional theft charges. In the eyes of the law, embezzlement is… Read more »

Encounters with Law Enforcement in Minnesota

If you are within the Minnesota area and find yourself in trouble with law enforcement officers, it is crucial you know how to act.  Most people in such situations think of arrests which could happen with or without a warrant. One of the situations is when the court determines probable cause for a felony or… Read more »

White Collar Crimes In Minnesota Are Serious Crimes

You have heard someone discuss a white collar crime being committed, but do you know what a white collar crime actually is? When someone talks about a white collar crime, that person is discussing a general term that consists of a variety of crimes. A white collar crime is not a violent crime, but these… Read more »