Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Charges in Minnesota

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Minnesota has enacted a number of laws to try and protect young people and those who have been trafficked, while continuing to criminalize sex for hire. What are the Safe Harbor laws, and how does Minnesota deal with sex trafficking and prostitution? Safe Harbor laws are those that determine young people,… Read more »

Transporting and Possession of Firearms in Vehicles: Current Minnesota Law

Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Speas Transporting and possession of firearms in vehicles remains a contentious issue in Minnesota. Current law is that people who are restricted from possession of firearms cannot have control over a firearm in the vehicle. This means the driver, if restricted, can’t have a weapon in the vehicle unless it… Read more »

Does Mental Illness Affect Violent Crime Cases?

Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer Jennifer Speas The insanity defense – if there is one legal maneuver that everyone knows, it is the insanity defense. This is kind of baffling considering the insanity defense is very rarely utilized. However, while not always “insanity,” mental illness does play a large part in the criminal justice system. Mental… Read more »

#MeToo? – Defending Against False Sexual Assault Claims

Charged With Sexual Assault? Contact Jennifer Speas Today The rise of the #MeToo campaign on social media has brought to light a lot of sexual abuse that has gone on for years unreported, empowering a number of women to face their tormentors. However, like any good wave, there is usually a bad wave that follows… Read more »

How Alcohol Affects Consent in Criminal Sexual Conduct Cases

Charged With Criminal Sexual Conduct in Minnesota? Contact Jennifer Speas! Covered under the broad charge of criminal sexual conduct in Minnesota, rape is a very serious crime to be accused of and can ruin your life if convicted. However, some accused of rape are not always the vicious criminals that some people think that all… Read more »

Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct: What is Positional Authority?

Arrested For Sex Crimes in Minnesota? Call Us Today To Speak To An Attorney In the definitions of criminal sexual conduct for the state of Minnesota, several conditions make the crime and the penalties more serious, such as using a weapon. One of these conditions is positional authority, or being in a position of authority… Read more »

Drug-Induced Homicide: When Dealing Becomes Murder

Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Despite an increasing acceptance of less harmful drugs like marijuana by society, there is no question that the United States is still in the grips of a drug crisis. Opioids in particular have taken a strong hold and lead to a huge spike in overdose deaths in the past decade. In… Read more »

Medical Conditions that Mimic Drunk or Drugged Driving

Many prescription and over the counter medications can complicate a charge of DUI or DWI. In addition, some medical conditions and long term consequences of accident and injury can confuse the picture. What can you do to ensure that your case is accurately understood and your rights protected? Accurate records and documentation will help the… Read more »

What Happens With Juvenile Crimes in Minnesota?

Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer Minneapolis & St. Paul Although the rates of juveniles placed in detention have dropped in the last couple decades, there is still a concern about juvenile crime. In 2015, the number of juveniles living in a residential placement facility was at 48,043. In Minnesota, the number of total juvenile arrests as… Read more »