What Happens if You Are Charged With Welfare Fraud in Minnesota?

A charge of welfare fraud in Minnesota is serious. If you have been charged with this crime or are concerned you may be, then securing a criminal defense attorney will minimize the impact. Just what is welfare fraud? Welfare fraud can be broken down into 3 main categories: Recipient fraud: This includes obtaining welfare through… Read more »

The Minnesota Consequences for Insurance Fraud and Why You Need a Lawyer

The relationship between insurance companies and those they insure has always been a somewhat adversarial one. In an ideal world, every policyholder would only file a claim when their circumstances genuinely qualified and insurance companies would never use frivolous disqualifications to avoid paying out legitimate claims. Unfortunately, here in the real world it’s all too… Read more »

White Collar Crimes In Minnesota Are Serious Crimes

You have heard someone discuss a white collar crime being committed, but do you know what a white collar crime actually is? When someone talks about a white collar crime, that person is discussing a general term that consists of a variety of crimes. A white collar crime is not a violent crime, but these… Read more »

Minneapolis Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

In Minnesota, as well as the rest of the country, it is a serious offense to be involved in domestic violence. Here is more about what you should know about domestic violence charges and when you need a Minnesota domestic assault lawyer. What is Domestic Assault? It is illegal to cause fear of immediate physical… Read more »

The Pro-Active Approach Of Pre-Charge Representation

You haven’t even been charged with a crime. So, you may ask yourself why you would need legal representation. As soon as a person becomes aware of the possibility of criminal charges, perhaps through hints of an investigation, pre-charge representation could mean the difference between charges being filed in the first place. Being pro-active starts… Read more »

Minnesota Controlled Substance Defense Lawyer & College Students

Minnesota‚Äôs Controlled Substances Laws are known for their severity. Therefore, a drug crime is a grave accusation as the laws promise serious consequences that can have long-term repercussions on your life. A conviction carries a hefty penalty of imprisonment or a hefty fine. For a college student, the effects transcend criminal penalties and mar their… Read more »

5 Reasons to Call a Minnesota Theft Defense Lawyer

When most people about the crime of ‘theft’, they usually assume this only happens when an item is taken without permission and never given back. However, the state of Minnesota considers theft with a much broader definition. You can be charged with theft for all sorts of things most people wouldn’t traditionally consider. Theft of… Read more »