Gross Misdemeanor DWI/DUIs in Minnesota: What You Should Know

Whereas Minnesota’s DUI/DWI law formerly stipulated that an individual with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .20 may be charged with and sentenced to a gross misdemeanor, in June 2015, the legislature lowered the BAC threshold for a gross misdemeanor to .16. Of particular interest for those who may be considering drinking and driving is… Read more »

Can a Person Get a DWI on a Hoverboard in Minnesota?

The hoverboard made a big splash as a popular gift item this past holiday season. With more outdoor activities during the Minnesota summer months, these boards have become a common site on the streets and at festivals. With this growing fun comes a new risk as enthusiasts are bound to mix alcohol with their hovering…. Read more »

Do Body Cameras Lead To More Assaults On Police? You May Be Surprised.

In the current age of smart phones and mini cameras that enable almost anyone to record live events in real-time, the use of body cameras on on-duty police officers has come under  scrutiny. Their use by police begs the question, “Do body cameras lead to more assaults on police officers?” Body Cameras The body cameras… Read more »

What Drake’s Law Could Mean For DUI Offenders in Minnesota

For those unfamiliar with how Drake’s Law could impact DUI penalties in Minnesota, this bill recently passed the Minnesota House unanimously. The result on Minnesota drivers are harsher penalties if convicted of multiple accounts of driving under the influence. The penalty guideline to consider: Maximum prison sentence raised to 15 years for convictions of criminal vehicular homicide,… Read more »

Minnesota Adopts Revenge Porn Law – What You Need To Know

On August 1, 2016, Minnesota will adopt a revenge porn law, joining Washington, DC and 34 other states with similar laws. Although not necessarily motivated by revenge, this law makes it a crime to “disseminate private sexual images of another without consent or solicit sex on behalf of another person without consent.” This is a new section of law that provides… Read more »

Obstructing Justice – As Simple As Naming a Name

Minnesotans can be charged with obstructing justice under the following conditions: Interfering or preventing a legal process, whether civil or criminal Resist or interfere with a peace officer performing duties Interfere with a firefighter performing duties Interfere with medical emergency responders attempting to provide care Threaten or perform obstructive activities to prevent a Department of Revenue… Read more »

What You Should Know About the Stalking Law in Minnesota

Stalking is the act of intentionally following or harassing another person. A victim of a stalker may live in fear and suffer great anxiety due to their stalker. Stalkers can include former spouses, ex-partners, and strangers. Even if the stalker claims that they are romantically interested in the person they are stalking, it is generally… Read more »

How Disorderly Do I Have To Be For It To Be A Crime in Minnesota?

Minnesota statute 609.72 defines disorderly conduct as any behavior committed in public or private by an individual who is aware that the behavior will cause alarm to others, anger them or disturb them. This includes verbally picking a fight, engaging physically in a fight, disrupting a gathering of people, using obscene or abusive language or gestures, being… Read more »