What You Need To Know About Minnesota Revenge Porn Law

As of August 1, 2016, Minnesota passed a revenge porn law – joining 32 other states that criminalize revenge porn. Here is what you need to know about Minnesota revenge porn law and where to find a lawyer that specializes in this kind of case should you find yourself needing one. What is the Minnesota… Read more »

What Happens If You Are Accused of Soliciting a Prostitute in Minnesota?

Prostitution is illegal in Minnesota. Buying sex (solicitation), selling services of a prostitute and selling sexual services are all prohibited. The crime of forcing others into prostitution is further prosecuted under sex trafficking law. Nevada is the only state in the country with a limited form of legal prostitution in 11 counties). All parts of the… Read more »

Don’t Let College Student Drug Charges Ruin A Promising Future

Every year college campuses across the state of Minnesota are filled with young adults getting their first taste of independent living. Parents of college students are filled with pride and hope at what their children will accomplish academically. However, there are also secret fears within a parent’s heart of how campus life may lead to… Read more »

Minnesota Professional License Defense Attorney

Minnesota state licensing boards oversee many professions, such as attorneys, doctors, nurses, teachers and much more. Licenses are issued after individuals meet strict education requirements. The road to professional licensing is often a significant investment of time, money and effort. Anyone who has a professional license at risk should mount a strong legal defense with… Read more »

Minneapolis Prescription Drug Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney Minneapolis Minnesota has some of the nation’s strictest prescription drug laws. A violation carries some of the harshest penalties as compared to other states. Making prescription drug offenses even more serious of a matter is the confusing language of the statutes. It is important to not plead guilty, but, rather, get legal representation… Read more »

An Overview of Minnesota Law on Gun Crimes and Firearms

Minnesota law enforcement authorities are stepping up their efforts to combat gun violence in response to recent increases in crimes involving guns. Police are using national ballistics databases to identify and track guns that may have been used in crimes. Even staunch Second Amendment proponents are calling for better background checks for firearm purchases, and… Read more »

Prostitution Charges In Minnesota: What To Expect, And Legal Defenses

As with every state in the union except for Nevada, prostitution is illegal in Minnesota. Any buying or selling of sex, or facilitating such a transaction, is considered prostitution by the state and will be prosecuted. Most of the state’s laws and penalties related to prostitution are covered in State Statute 609.324. Prostitution charges only… Read more »

Information Regarding Multiple DWIs / DUIs

In Minnesota, driving, operating, or being in physical control over a vehicle with an alcohol concentration (AC) of .08 (or .04 if driving a commercial vehicle) or higher is an offense called driving while intoxicated (DWI).  A driving under the influence (DUI) charge alleges that you were driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of… Read more »

Studies Put Drug Chemical DWI / DUI Laws Under Scrutiny

Although some state legislatures have passed laws regulating marijuana use by motorists, a recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, cited by the New York Times, suggests that at least some such laws are not supported by scientific evidence. While BAC is a reasonably consistent measure of alcohol impairment, THC blood levels are… Read more »