Dissolving the Myth: Being High Isn’t a Crime – Possession Is

When it comes to the law on drugs, it can be seriously complicated, almost unfairly so. With shifting legality on certain substances, it isn’t getting simpler either. However, there is a lot of misinformation about drug crimes that circulates out there. Primary among these misconceptions is that the mere act of being high is illegal…. Read more »

LEGAL ALERT: Major Revision to Minnesota’s DWI Law Took Effect August 1

A major revision to Minnesota’s DWI-related laws has taken effect. The measure, known as “Little Alan’s Law”, became effective August 1, 2018. Among its most significant changes, the new law closes a loophole in Minnesota’s statutes that allowed people who had been charged with a motor vehicle DWI to keep their off-road driving privileges. The… Read more »

The Catch-All Charge That is Disorderly Conduct

We would like to believe that, if the need struck us, we could sing the entire soundtrack of The Sound of Music in the streets at two in the morning at the top of our lungs. At a glance, there should be nothing illegal about it. It is pretty wholesome show tunes, you have the… Read more »

When Receiving Stolen Property is the Same as Theft

It may seem pretty innocent at the time. You buy something for cheap out of the back of a car or even just hold onto things you have received from a friend as a favor. However, while you may or may not know this property is technically stolen, buying it or hold onto it is… Read more »

Mistake of Age as a Defense to Statutory Rape

Sex crimes are treated very seriously in Minnesota, and none more so than sex crimes against younger victims. This is why if you are accused of statutory rape, you need to be dedicated and proactive in your defense or face the consequences. However, often the issue with statutory rape is that the accused didn’t actually… Read more »

Is Juvenile Petty Theft a Gateway Crime?

Why do kids commit crime? Even when parents were children themselves, they didn’t known. Kids often don’t know why they do things. Sometimes it is peer pressure, sometimes it is sheer impulse. We may never know exactly why juvenile crimes happen, but they do. We all know the statistics, too. If a child starts committing… Read more »

Domestic Assault Convictions and Professional Licenses

For those that need to hold a professional license, they work in high stress jobs. Furthermore, because it took so much training to get those licenses, they want to protect them. However, mistakes happen. When professionals let all that stress get to them, it can manifest into a domestic violence charge. However, while domestic violence… Read more »

How Previous Drug Crime Convictions Affect Current Drug Crimes

There are individuals who, after they get convicted for a drug crime, go to prison and the system completely works for them. They might serve their time and reflect on the consequences of their actions and never touch drugs again. However, it is far more likely that if you have a drug conviction on your… Read more »

Understanding Sexual Consent in Minnesota

Consent is always necessary before sexual conduct. Issues of age, position as an authority figure or person of power, developmental or mental capacity, and incapacity, either permanent or temporary, can change the standards of consent. Consent must occur before any physical contact. Other, more distant forms of sexual contact, such as sending sexually explicit materials… Read more »

Is Traveling While on Probation a Violation?

Probation was put in place as a way for people who have committed more minor crimes to feel the punishment without having to serve full-on jail time. Probation allows you to live your life after being convicted, but there is no glossing over it – probation comes with rules. If you break these rules, there… Read more »