How a Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Tears Down the Prosecutor’s Case

Criminal court cases are like a presentation of stories; the prosecutor presents his/her story of a crime that occurred and who the guilty person is. Similarly, the criminal defense lawyer tells his/her story about what happened concerning the crime. The most believable narrative will win the case. To be believable, the story must be logical, truthful,… Read more »

Cannabis, Hemp & Marijuana – The Legal Differences Of This Plant

Where Minnesota law is concerned, marijuana indicates every part of the cannabis plant, including any product derived from the plant such as oil, seeds and fibers. Thus, cannabis is marijuana and hemp is a derived product of the plant. Basically, cannabis, hemp and marijuana are the same plant. Now this can become confusing if Minnesota’s statutes include… Read more »

How Will a DWI Affect my CDL?

Do you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or are considering obtaining one? Are you asking yourself, “How will a DWI affect my CDL?” Receiving a charge of driving while impaired is extremely serious for both commercial and personal drivers. But the consequences are even more extreme for those with a commercial driver’s license. Moreover, the violation… Read more »

Getting Into Canada After a DWI Conviction in Minnesota

Most Minnesota residents are not aware that a DWI conviction makes it difficult to cross the border into Canada. They assume that if they have a passport, they will be able to travel to Canada. However, Canadian law allows people who have been convicted of a crime to be prohibited from crossing the border. This… Read more »

Understanding Whiskey Plates in Minnesota

If you or someone you care about just lost your license plates, we know you’re experiencing some stress right now. Here are a few questions we often receive, which should help you in understanding Whiskey Plates in Minnesota. Why do I have to pay for a whiskey plate? According to Minnesota law, drivers in the state who have been convicted of a DWI and whose… Read more »

Minnesota School Bus DWI Consequences

Minnesota has strict laws regarding driving under the influence. These laws vary depending on the kind of license the driver has and the type of vehicle they are operating. Let’s take a closer look at school bus DWI consequences. A school bus is considered a commercial vehicle and requires a commercial driver’s license. Yet, the law… Read more »

Many Motorists Ask: “How Do I Know If I’m Over The Legal Limit?”

Most Minnesota motorists are aware that a blood alcohol level of .08 is evidence of legal intoxication under state law. Therefore, drivers often ask themselves, “How do I know if I’m over the legal limit?” A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) addresses this very question, and it discusses the impact… Read more »

What is an Obstructing Justice Charge?

If you’ve ever watched a police drama, you’ve heard the term “obstruction of justice” before. Typically it’s a term that comes out when the lead detectives are closing in on a suspect, but someone is refusing to cooperate. The good guys need leverage, so they threaten to charge someone with obstructing justice if they don’t… Read more »