Don’t Face Minnesota Professional Licensing Board Alone

Working in the health-care field in Minnesota is a rewarding and challenging career, but also one the state retains a vested interest in, as the state is concerned for the health care of its residents. As such, the state has established 18 health-care field licensing boards to oversee the professionals who work in a wide… Read more »

The Limits on Bail in Minnesota

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, there are limits on the amount of bail that can be demanded of you. The primary purpose of bail is to ensure that defendants don’t flee justice. The purpose is not to impose an additional punishment or to create such a huge hardship that the defendant… Read more »

Extra DWI Consequences for College Students in Minnesota

Facing a driving while intoxicated charge is difficult for any resident of Minnesota, but for college students, the extra consequences of a DWI make the scenario even more ominous. These sometimes dire consequences make it imperative you hire an experienced defense attorney immediately if you are a college student facing a DWI charge in Minnesota…. Read more »

Commercial Drivers License and DWI / DUI in MN

In April of 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Minnesota’s law pertaining to breath tests for suspected drunk drivers. For those with a commercial driver’s license, this means you can be forced to submit to a breath test or forfeit your license for a period of one year for refusing to do so. No Temporary… Read more »

Motor Vehicle Forfeiture in Minnesota: When Can Your Vehicle Be Seized?

Minnesota law allows police and other law enforcement authorities to seize your vehicle without process during the course of a lawful arrest or lawful search. Generally speaking, a vehicle seizure is the result of an arrest for driving while intoxicated, or a search that turns up some sort of illegal contraband. There are some limited… Read more »

Minnesota Title IX Student Defense Lawyer

With increased attention on campus sexual assaults and discrimination against LGBT and transgender students, colleges and universities are taking their role as defender of student rights under Title IX very seriously, as they should. That also means more students are facing disciplinary hearings under Title IX charges, putting them in completely unfamiliar situations. If you… Read more »

What You Should Know about Bailing Out Of Jail in Minnesota

The fundamental purpose of bail is to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court. In making a monetary determination, the judge considers factors such as: Whether the defendant is a flight risk Whether the defendant is a danger to society The defendant’s ties to the community The defendant’s ability and likelihood to flee the jurisdiction The… Read more »

Refusal to Submit to Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Testing in Minnesota

Under Minnesota’s “implied consent” law (Minn. Stat. 169A.51), if an individual has been lawfully arrested by a police officer for a DWI/DUI then s/he automatically consents to a chemical breath, urine, or blood test to determine his/her blood alcohol content (BAC). The test must be administered within two hours of driving (or boating); however, the… Read more »

Minnesota Criminal Vehicular Operation Lawyer

In Minnesota, the term “criminal vehicular operation” applies to auto accidents in which the party at fault causes some level of bodily harm to someone else, and was additionally operating the vehicle in a negligent way or was impaired by drugs or alcohol. Generally speaking, auto accidents do not result in criminal charges, even if… Read more »

Minnesota Counterfeiting Laws: What To Expect If You Are Charged

Since counterfeiting money is a federal crime, some people assume that any charges would be brought by the federal government. This tends to only happen in very large cases, however. Each state has its own counterfeiting laws on the books that deal with the replication of United States currency, and these will usually be applied… Read more »