What Areas Do Animal, Birds, Fish, and Plants Crimes Cover?

If you have been charged with a crime under 18 U.S. Code Chapter 3 – Animal, Birds, Fish and Plants Crimes, you may be unaware of what all this covers since there are quite a few criminal acts encompassed. According to the Legal Information Institute, these crimes fall under a variety of categories which include:… Read more »

Understanding Disorderly Conduct Laws in Minnesota

Under Minnesota law, several types of behavior fall under the classification of disorderly conduct. These include the following: Communicating with another person using language that is abusive, obscene, or offensive Engaging in abusive, boisterous, obscene, offensive, or noisy conduct Unlawfully disturbing an assembly or meeting, whether or not you were a legitimate participant Getting into… Read more »

The Legal Definition and Consequences of Embezzlement

Embezzlement is an official-sounding word that can confuse and intimidate those who have been charged with it. The term means that someone who had access to the money of another person or organization stole it for personal gain. The legal consequences in an embezzlement case are often higher than a simple theft case due to… Read more »

Have You Been Charged with Medicare Fraud in Minnesota?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for Americans over age 65 and those with certain disabilities. The government pays out billions of dollars each year to healthcare providers whose patients subscribe to Medicare. Unfortunately, some providers attempt to commit Medicare fraud by billing for services the patient never received or billing at a higher rate than… Read more »

Seeking Help For Obstruction of Justice Charges In Minnesota

The prospect of facing criminal charges is difficult for anyone, but it can also be an incredibly confusing and complicated time. Obstruction of justice charges are difficult to understand and encompass a large number of possibilities. If you find yourself facing this uncomfortable situation, it is vital to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. To begin, obstruction… Read more »