Events That Can Trigger an Investigation of Your Professional License

Your professional license is your livelihood, but it doesn’t get threatened just out of the blue. When you discover your professional license is under investigation, it can result in suspension, or worse, revocation that means you can’t work in the field you trained to work in. It can be devastating, but typically it doesn’t come… Read more »

When Sleeping in Your Car Can Still be a DWI

Driving under the influence is a serious crime, and people are starting to acknowledge that to a point that, even while under the influence, they make better decisions not to drive. However, while staying off the road while intoxicated is a good way to stay out of jail and keep other drivers safe, DWI law… Read more »

What Happens When a Crime is Committed While on Probation?

The best possible outcome to any crime is to have the charges dropped, but if you are convicted on criminal charges, probation is usually the best punishment you can hope for. While it is lightly restricting, it allows you to not spend any time in jail and generally live your life as usual. However, every… Read more »

Can Police Question a Juvenile Suspect Without a Parent Present?

We like to think that our children will avoid trouble with the law not just in their younger years, but well into their adult one’s as well. Unfortunately, a lot of parents have to deal with the reality that their kid staying out of trouble just isn’t going to happen. However, if you receive a… Read more »

The Difference Between Assault and Battery Charges

Assault and battery charges are similar to each other and not just in the fact that they are both crimes. In some conversation, the words are used interchangeably and some people believe you can only be charged with assault and battery, but that’s not actually right. Though the crimes are similar and some may find… Read more »

When Arguing With Police Becomes a Disorderly Conduct Arrest

We are taught that police officers deserve a certain amount of respect for the stressful and occasionally dangerous job they do every day. However, with the recent poor decision-making of some officers in the United States, that respect is becoming more difficult to willingly offer up. Furthermore, it can be hard not to argue with… Read more »

How to Prepare for a Probation Violation Hearing

If you have violated your probation for any reason, you should expect to have to appear in court again for a probation violation hearing. These hearings are much like a standard court case. However, instead of appearing before a judge and jury, you will appear before a single judge who will hear the evidence to… Read more »

Damage to Property as a Juvenile Crime

Damage to property, or vandalism, is one of the most common ways a teen offender can act out. Often these teens don’t actually realize what they are doing is a crime, but if caught, they will catch on pretty quick. While the law doesn’t distinguish between vandalism and teen vandalism, if your teen is still… Read more »