When A Personal Injury Case Becomes Insurance Fraud

No matter whether it was a car accident or a slip in a store, if you were hurt due to the negligence of another, you have the right to pursue a personal injury claim. If that negligent person can be proven to be at fault, their insurance will cover your medical bills, lost wages, and… Read more »

Claiming Self-Defense When Accused of Domestic Violence

Domestic assault is a common charge, and it comes with a huge negative stigma as well as painful criminal consequences if convicted. However, the truly unfortunate reality of a domestic violence charge is that it can be difficult to escape those criminal consequences once arrested. Even if the domestic violence incident was false or your… Read more »

What to Do When Under Recipient Welfare Fraud Investigation

If you use any of Minnesota’s great government programs to receive assistance for you and your family, there always runs the slight risk that the day may come when you find yourself under investigation for welfare fraud. While many use the system legitimately in order to get help, not everyone is so upstanding. This means… Read more »

What to Do If You Accidentally Viewed Child Pornography?

In Minnesota, all sex crime is considered very serious, but none more than sexual acts with or depicting children. Yet, not everyone who views child pornography is guilty of “viewing” it, so to speak. There is a lot lewd material on the internet, and not everyone can be sure that what they are viewing is… Read more »

If a Drug is Not Illegal, Can I Be Arrested?

When people think of drug crimes, they think of the major ones such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and even prescription drugs that are used without a prescription. However, there are a lot of substances that can alter your mind out there, and not all of them are illegal in every state. With the advent of… Read more »

Who Can Be Charged in Massage Parlor Prostitution Stings?

Prostitution doesn’t occur like it is shown on TV anymore. Most people aren’t busted for prostitution while standing on a street corner, at least not anymore, and especially not in Minnesota where the nights are chilly. Instead, now most prostitution is run out of a business that they can use as a front. Escort services… Read more »

How to Respond to a Licensing Board Complaint in Minnesota

If you are any sort licensed professional, anyone from a real estate agent to a neurologist puts their license at risk if they are arrested for a crime or even simply receives a formal complaint against them. While not every crime merits the licensing board’s attention, if your behavior is beginning to affect your work… Read more »

Violent Crimes Lawyer: What Is A Violent Crime In Minnesota?

Violent crimes in the United States is unbridled. We can watch the news, read social media, and read the newspapers on a daily basis, and there will be at least one article about a violent crime being committed. Violent crimes are being committed consistently in a variety of areas across the United States, including Minnesota…. Read more »

How Domestic Assault Acts as a Gateway Charge

Domestic assault in and of itself is a very serious charge, but it can often act as a gateway charge for even more criminal charges if you are not careful. If you are arrested for domestic assault, you may find yourself facing other charges simply because the police were able to enter your home, car,… Read more »