Will a First-Time Probation Violation Send Me To Jail?

It’s its own way, probation can be even more stressful than being in jail. While on probation, there are hundreds of different things you can do to violate that probation and send you back into jail, and it’s impossible to remember them all. However, if you are looking at your first violation of your probation,… Read more »

How to Respond to a Professional License Review

If you are a professional license holder who has been accused of some illegal or unethical practices, aside from the potential legal ramifications from your accusers, you should also be concerned about losing your license from the professional board. After you have been accused, it is likely that the licensing board for your profession will… Read more »

What Are the Legal Consequences of Identity Theft in Minnesota?

Our digital identities are everything and most people handle their entire lives through services like online banking, shopping, and even cloud-based workspaces. We use a combination of websites, mobile app, and online software to handle almost everything important about our own lives and most people don’t give a second thought to the idea of identity… Read more »

Identity Crimes are More Than Just Identity Theft

In the modern world of cyber crimes and stolen data, most people have heard of identity theft and try to protect themselves from it in at least a few minimal ways. Identity theft is the boogie man of unvoided checks, hacked business databases, spyware lurking on your computer. Of course, whether or not you shred… Read more »

Minnesota Theft Defense Lawyer: Defenses Against Shoplifting

Did you know that if someone ever catches you shoplifting in Minnesota that you could be arrested and sent to jail? Yes, that is correct. You can be sent to jail if you are convicted of shoplifting in Minnesota. We all know about shoplifting and what it means to shoplift, right? Shoplifting is when someone… Read more »

Minnesota Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer: Can The Police Do A Drug Search?

What’s In The Fourth Amendment? How familiar are you with the Fourth Amendment? The U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment gives us protection against any searches and seizures that may be unlawful. When the courts are involved, the courts will balance your Fourth Amendment rights to the privacy you have against reasonable interest and safety. The judge… Read more »