Refusal to Submit to Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Testing in Minnesota

Under Minnesota’s “implied consent” law (Minn. Stat. 169A.51), if an individual has been lawfully arrested by a police officer for a DWI/DUI then s/he automatically consents to a chemical breath, urine, or blood test to determine his/her blood alcohol content (BAC). The test must be administered within two hours of driving (or boating); however, the… Read more »

Minnesota Criminal Vehicular Operation Lawyer

In Minnesota, the term “criminal vehicular operation” applies to auto accidents in which the party at fault causes some level of bodily harm to someone else, and was additionally operating the vehicle in a negligent way or was impaired by drugs or alcohol. Generally speaking, auto accidents do not result in criminal charges, even if… Read more »

Minnesota Counterfeiting Laws: What To Expect If You Are Charged

Since counterfeiting money is a federal crime, some people assume that any charges would be brought by the federal government. This tends to only happen in very large cases, however. Each state has its own counterfeiting laws on the books that deal with the replication of United States currency, and these will usually be applied… Read more »

Gross Misdemeanor DWI/DUIs in Minnesota: What You Should Know

Whereas Minnesota’s DUI/DWI law formerly stipulated that an individual with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .20 may be charged with and sentenced to a gross misdemeanor, in June 2015, the legislature lowered the BAC threshold for a gross misdemeanor to .16. Of particular interest for those who may be considering drinking and driving is… Read more »

Can a Person Get a DWI on a Hoverboard in Minnesota?

The hoverboard made a big splash as a popular gift item this past holiday season. With more outdoor activities during the Minnesota summer months, these boards have become a common site on the streets and at festivals. With this growing fun comes a new risk as enthusiasts are bound to mix alcohol with their hovering…. Read more »

Do Body Cameras Lead To More Assaults On Police? You May Be Surprised.

In the current age of smart phones and mini cameras that enable almost anyone to record live events in real-time, the use of body cameras on on-duty police officers has come under  scrutiny. Their use by police begs the question, “Do body cameras lead to more assaults on police officers?” Body Cameras The body cameras… Read more »