1st-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

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Minneapolis Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer

Being accused of a sexual offense is devastating and can have an impact on the rest of your life. If you are facing this charge, you may be wondering what you can do next. The first thing is to not panic and immediately call your Minneapolis criminal sexual conduct lawyer. This call is important because you will receive guidance on what you should and shouldn’t say. Your rights are important and Ms. Speas will protect your rights and fight for your future.

Defense Against First-Degree Sex Crimes

A first-degree criminal sexual conduct charge is the most serious and has the strictest penalties if convicted.

To be charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, the alleged sexual conduct must have taken place with a person under the age of 13 and be constituted as rape. Violence or force may have allegedly been used, which may or may not have involved the use of a dangerous weapon. If an injury is said to have occurred during an alleged rape, first-degree is charged.

The penalty can be up to 30 years in prison, registration as a sex offender and/or a fine of up to $40,000. Ms. Speas will fight to have the charges reduced or completely dismissed. This includes careful evaluation of the facts, statements, and utilization of many resources.

Fighting For Your Future

Being a convicted sex offender can bring about issues getting a job, finding a place to live, or doing anything that involves a background check. Registration as a sex offender also means that residents in neighborhoods that you would move into would have to be notified of your status. You could also be prohibited from being allowed around parks, schools, or anywhere where children may be present.

It is in your best interest to fight. Even if you think you don’t have a chance, you may be surprised at what the facts and circumstances in the case will permit. Jennifer Speas will use every resource available to secure the best possible outcome so you can move forward and live your life.

Contact A Minneapolis Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer

First-degree criminal sexual conduct is the most serious sex offense charge. The penalties can be decades in prison and very high fines. If you have been charged with a first-degree sex crime, it is important to immediately secure the representation of a knowledgeable and committed criminal defense attorney. To learn more, call the Speas Law Firm, P.A. at 612-333-6160 to request a initial consultation.