Domestic Assault

Minnesota Domestic Assault Lawyer

Assault is the demonstration of physically hurting someone else. However, it can also include causing a person psychological harm. A person can experience assault without experiencing any physical abuse. Because of this, the possibility of illegitimate allegations is possible. This can likewise lead to overstated squabbles and that, again, can cause charges to be more serious or brought about when they shouldn’t be, which is why you need a Minneapolis domestic assault lawyer showing the facts and defending your rights in the case.

Jennifer Speas possesses over 20 years of experience providing defense for people who have been accused of domestic assault, many times negotiating reduced charges or even having them dismissed totally. The objective is to have a greatly improved future than you would have had with a conviction on your permanent record.

Fighting Domestic Assault Charges And Penalties

There are strict punishments when an individual is convicted of domestic assault.  The punishments do rely on the exact act that was carried out and whatever other violations that may have been perpetrated in the commission of that wrongdoing. The punishment for domestic assault typically is a $1,000 fine and additionally 90 days in prison. If a weapon was utilized in the alleged occurrence and/or if the alleged victim was critically injured, regardless of whether the blamed has been indicted for offenses of domestic assault or prior assault at an earlier time, the maximum sentence can be expanded.

Vital Criminal Defense

Because domestic assault is so vigorously prosecuted, It is vital that you have a powerful criminal defense crafted by an accomplished Minneapolis domestic assault lawyer. The aggressiveness of the prosecution must be met by an even stronger defense. Conveying decades of experience, The Speas Law Office makes sure that clients have a well-thought-out and fair defense, and the fairest treatment possible.

Even if you don’t believe you are, you are worthy of a solid defense regardless of the possibility that you are guilty. Mistakes happen and, many times, the punishment is extreme.  You need a lawyer who will contend energetically to guarantee you get the best possible result for your case and not the unforgiving result the prosecution is seeking.

Contact A Minneapolis Domestic Assault Lawyer

If you have been accused of domestic assault, you need an ally by your side who can advocate for you within the legal system. This helps you achieve the best possible results in your case, which may be reduced or dismissed charges. Call the Speas Law Firm at 612-233-6160 for a initial consultation as soon as you are investigated or accused so that you can ensure your rights are not violated and that you receive the best possible defense.