DWI Test Refusal

Minneapolis & St. Paul DWI Lawyer

If you are suspected of DWI, you may be required to submit to a urine or blood test to confirm.  You do not have to consent to the test, but refusing it may bring additional criminal charges separate from a DWI charge, as it is considered a crime.

You must secure legal representation as soon as possible if you or a loved one have been accused of DWI test refusal.  You need an experienced Minneapolis & St. Paul DWI attorney that can examine all of the facts in your case and help you to ensure the best possible results.  Jennifer Speas has more than 20 years of experience defending Minnesotans in many types of DWI cases.  Even if there is merit to the charge, with the right approach to your defense charges could be reduced, bringing a reduction in penalties as well.

An Aggressive Defense

Refusing a DWI test can bring very stiff penalties such as loss of driver’s license, 30 days in jail, or the requirement of whiskey plates on every vehicle you have in your name.  Whiskey plates may be the only way that you can retain some of your driving privileges limited to going back and forth to work, school or other approved reasons. Whiskey plates have special numerals that identify them to law enforcement.  You cannot be stopped just because you have a whiskey plate on your automobile.

The only way you can keep from having to deal with this situation is by having an attorney that will fight hard for your rights and present all the facts that will ensure your case concludes with the best possible outcome.

 Fighting For Your Future

When you are facing DWI or related charges, you must make sure you have powerful representation so that you receive good results.  In many cases, people in St. Paul, Minneapolis and the Twin Cities areas have been able to face DWI charges and end up with few penalties and sometimes, no penalty at all provided they had proper representation.  Your lawyer will help you meet the charges head on so that you can fight the strongest fight possible.  All of the evidence in your favor will be laid out so that you have the best chance at moving on with your life as painlessly as possible.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul DWI Attorney

Any time a person refuses to submit to blood alcohol testing, they run the risk of charges separate from the DWI itself.  Like the DWI, this is a charge that can be contested.  You should consult with your attorney before refusing the test so that you are aware of the possible ramifications and how to best handle them.  To find out more about how you can fight these charges against you, call the Speas Law Firm, PA today at 612-333-6160 for a initial consultation.