Finding an Experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer for Hit and Run Cases

If you’re being charged with a hit and run, finding an experienced lawyer to defend you is imperative. The consequences can be very severe and result in a felony and imprisonment. Finding an experienced Minnesota Criminal Defense lawyer for hit and run cases will help reduce or eliminate punishments and ensure the best results.

Types of Hit and Run Accidents

There are different types of hit and run accidents which occur regularly, including:

  • Collision with moving motor vehicle
  • Collision with parked vehicle
  • Collision with bicycle
  • Collision with pedestrian
  • Collision with property

In Minnesota during the year of 2014 according to, there was a total of:

  • 7078 crashes classified as hit and run
  • 8 fatalities
  • 1407 injuries

So, as you can see from these stats, hit and run accidents are not uncommon in Minnesota. Most of them don’t cause injury or death, but even so there are fines and other criminal charges which may be looked into.

Reasons for Hit and Run Accidents

Many times a person flees from an accident because they want to escape any wrong doing involved. Sometimes the driver is intoxicated or has a warrant for their arrest, and sometimes it’s because they think they can get away with the negligence. In some cases, they’re simply scared and not thinking very well until later on.

No matter the reasons for fleeing the accident scene, being charged for a hit and run is a serious matter and needs proper defense. Hiring an attorney that has experience in these matters will help tremendously in dealing with authorities and courts.

Benefits of Having and Experienced Defense

Hiring a defense lawyer who specializes in criminal defense in Minnesota, will ensure the best outcome for your case. In the case of a hit and run accident causing serious bodily harm, a maximum penalty of 2 years in prison with a $4,000 fine can result. It’s also possible to be charged with a felony for a hit and run.

If law enforcement believe there are other criminal acts, like drunk driving involved, the case will receive even tighter scrutiny and possibly more charges. The benefits of having an experienced criminal defense lawyer, will give you the peace of mind knowing someone with technical expertise in these cases is fighting for you. Regardless of your innocence or guilt, having a quality defense will mean the case is investigated and vetted to the full extent.

Having a proper defense will likely result in dismissed charges, reduced fines, and/or reduced prison time. Having an experienced defense will also relieve you of having to navigate and process all the legal matters, while ensuring the legal process moves quickly along. This means you can move on quickly with your life, and receive the best possible results in the case.

Contact Speas Law Firm, P.A. For A Case Evaluation

Jennifer Speas is the experienced criminal defense attorney in Minnesota you’ll want to know if you’ve been charged in a hit and run case. She has 15 years of experience defending criminal cases like this, and understands that being charged with a crime doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

Based in Minneapolis, Jennifer Speas and her professional staff are available 24/7 for questions or concerns around a case. She has dedicated her practice around helping her clients understand what’s happening during their cases, so they can be knowledgeable about their rights and the progress of their case.

For those being charged with a hit and run, you won’t find a better criminal defense attorney to fight for you. With the consequences possibly being so severe for a hit and run conviction, ensure the best outcome for your life now and in the future by hiring Jennifer Speas as your defense attorney. To learn more, pleaseĀ contact us today.

Disclaimer: The content of this article does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Please contact Jennifer Speas to discuss the specifics of your case.