Indecent Exposure

Minneapolis & St. Paul Indecent Exposure Lawyer

Indecent exposure may not seem serious enough to some to be considered a sexual offense but is considered as such because it involves the engagement of sexual activities in public or exposing one’s private parts in public. Streaking and public urination are examples of acts that constitute indecent exposure. If you have been accused of indecent exposure, you need a Minneapolis sex crimes defense lawyer to help you fight the charges.

Jennifer Speas is highly experienced in these cases. She has helped defendants throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities fight indecent exposure charges. Whether there is merit to the charges or not, it is important to fight the charges in order to achieve the best result.

Expert Public Nudity Defense

There are different types of public nudity. In some cases, a person can face an additional charge because public nudity may have been the result of another crime, such as sexual assault. There are also different factors that have to be looked at in these cases. They include:

  • Who was involved?
  • Prior criminal offenses
  • When and where did the indecent exposure occur?
  • What was the intention behind the exposure?
  • Were drugs and alcohol involved?

In some instances, indecent exposure is charged as a felony and this could result in up to $10,000 in fines and five years in prison if convicted. The goal is to avoid conviction or maximum penalties so you can move on with your life.

Aggressive Indecent Exposure Defense

There are some areas where public nudity is allowed and other places where it isn’t. For instance, public nudity is allowed in a gym locker room. Breastfeeding is also an act not considered public nudity. However, an act such as urinating in a public park is classified as public nudity.

If you are arrested for indecent exposure, it is important for you to call your attorney as soon as possible. If a loved one has been accused of the act, advise them to be calm and then call Jennifer Speas as soon as possible. The person who has been arrested never has to say anything without the advice of their Minneapolis sex crimes defense attorney first.

In-Depth Knowledge Of The Law

Ms. Speas has in-depth knowledge of the law. It is possible to avoid as many consequences as possible. There are also times when the charges can be dismissed or a jury could acquit. There are many possibilities in the case and Ms. Speas will fight for the best one. Through her experience in these cases, with the law, and with the court systems throughout the Twin Cities, you know you have a competent and powerful advocate in your corner.

Contact A Minneapolis Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Indecent exposure is considered a very serious offense, which is why you need a solid criminal defense if you are accused. Sometimes such incidents are accidental. No matter what, you can effectively defend yourself against the charges with a criminal attorney in your corner who cares about securing the best outcome for your future. To learn more, call the Speas Law Firm, P.A. at 612-333-6160 to request a initial consultation.