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Even though it’s typically not a violent crime, prostitution carries harsh penalties. It is believed by many that it’s a victimless crime which has resulted in law enforcement aggressively perusing it. Raids are staged and those caught are prosecuted harshly. In some cases the charges have merit and in other cases, a person is simply caught somewhere they didn’t intend to be in the first place.

In the event that you have been charged with prostitution, you need the advice of an experienced Minneapolis prostitution defense attorney who can help you get the best outcome in your case. Jennifer Speas has more than 20 years of experience working to defend people who have been accused of prostitution. If you are convicted of prostitution, you face potential jail time and a mark on your criminal record that could follow you the rest of your life.

Helping Minnesotans With All Types of Prostitution Allegations

Charges can result from many different forms of Prostitution in Minnesota including:

No matter what type of prostitution you are accused of, it’s considered to be a very serious crime because it is categorized as a sex crime. If you have been arrested for any of the violations above, it is important to not say anything to the arresting officer until you have notified your attorney and they are present. Anything you say could potentially become evidence used against you in court. Even if you think you aren’t incriminating yourself, you must make sure the first person you talk to is your lawyer.

Aggressively Defending You

A bright future is important and your Minneapolis prostitution defense attorney will work hard to make sure you get the best possible outcome in your case.  Prostitution is often not a permanent occupation for many, as it has a tendency to result from coercion or desperation. Having a strong defense lawyer will ensure that all of the facts supporting you in your case are revealed helping to reduce the potential for long-lasting consequences.

If you are convicted of a prostitution crime, you face fines of up to $40,000 and a potential prison sentence of up to 20 years. In some cases, the fine may not be more than $1000 because a first-time prostitution charge is a misdemeanor. This may result in a 90-day jail sentence. The judge will consider many factors during sentencing to make sure the proper punishment is administered. These factors include if there were previous offenses, a criminal history or what was intended when the crime was committed. The location of the crime also is a factor.

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Although it doesn’t seem serious, prostitution is an aggressively pursued crime in Minneapolis and the St. Paul Twin Cities area. Charges result when people are caught soliciting or paying for services. If you’ve found yourself facing charges stemming from Prostitution, you must contact an aggressive criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Call the Speas Law Firm, PA today at 612-333-8003 to schedule a initial consultation to learn more about defending your rights and fighting for a brighter tomorrow.