Solicitation of a Minor

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Asking a minor to participate in any kind of sexual activity is called solicitation of a minor and is considered to be a very serious offense. In cases like this, a person may try to get a minor to engage in sexual activity with them, or a person may force a minor into prostitution so that they can take some of their pay.

If you’ve found yourself facing the charge of solicitation of a minor, it is essential that you contact a Minneapolis sex crimes attorney so that you can be informed of your rights, the charges against you, potential penalties and the best way to craft the strongest defense. Jennifer Speas has more than 20 years of experience helping clients throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Twin Cities who have been accused of criminal sexual conduct face their charges and get on with their lives.

Dedicated Legal Guidance

You must have a defense lawyer who will examine every facet of your case and lay out all of the facts in your favor for the strongest criminal defense. Sometimes false accusations are made which cause even more frustration and aggravation. More often than not, the accused never completed the action with the minor. This can be a result of the defendant not being aware of the minor’s age. Even in situations where no sexual acts have happened, charges may still come from communication with the minor via social media, chat rooms, email or text messages.

In some cases, law enforcement may have entrapped the defendant by means of coaxing them into saying something they would never say in a real-life conversation. Posing as a minor, law enforcement may try to catch a person doing a crime that actually is not technically a crime. The most important factor in these cases is that the defendant thought they were talking to a minor, though this isn’t much different than if the defendant thought they were talking to someone of age.

Crafting The Strongest Defense Possible

You need the strongest defense possible whether the charge has merit or if you thought you were talking to an adult and found out afterward that they are a minor. Long prison sentences, required sex offender registration, counseling, potential expensive sex offender programs and being barred from being around children are all potential results of a conviction.

In addition to the punishments outlined above, just having the conviction on your criminal record causes far reaching and long lasting consequences. It can be very difficult to find a job, further your education or even participate in your children’s after school activities if you have been convicted of a sexual offense. Jennifer Speas can help you craft a strong defense that can help you get the best outcome possible so that you can move on with your life.

Contact A Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

The crime of solicitation of a minor is an extreme sexual-based offense as it involves forced prostitution of a minor. These are very serious charges that can result in extreme consequences if you are convicted. If you have found yourself facing the charge of solicitation of a minor, it is extremely important to secure the best legal representation possible. For a initial consultation to learn more about how your rights can be defended, contact the Speas Law Firm, PA at 612-333-6160.