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Minneapolis Veterinarian License Defense Attorney & Professional License Defense Lawyer

It is becoming commonplace that veterinarians have restrictions placed on their licenses as The Minneapolis Board of Veterinary Medicine is quite rigorous when conducting an investigation. In some situations, a hard earned career may be destroyed because the license has been revoked or suspended.

Thankfully, with the help of a skilled Minneapolis veterinarian license defense lawyer, the risk to your license can be greatly reduced. By means of helping you navigate the process and putting forth a strong response to the allegations against you, you stand a good at reducing the repercussions to your professional career and your ability to move forward with your life. Jennifer Speas has over 20 years of experience helping veterinarians who have found themselves in danger of losing their ability to practice and getting them back to work in the profession that they love.

The Investigation Process

As the investigation process begins, you will be notified by the Board of Veterinary Medicine via postal mail. In some cases, a notification may not be received, but that only happens in cases that the notification could potentially adversely affect the investigation. You will likely be given a specific time frame to respond to the accusations against you within if you have received notification of an investigation. At this point, it is imperative that you contact your Minneapolis veterinarian license defense lawyer to help you defend yourself in the best way possible. Jennifer Speas has been assisting veterinarians

The investigator for the board will collect evidence that is pertinent to the case, such as medical records, medication logs, witness statements and any other information of relevance. As the investigator has finished gathering all of the information related to the case, he or she will make a recommendation to the state board based on the evidence found. At this point, the case will either move forward to an informal settlement conference or may be dismissed.

The Informal Settlement Conference and Agreed Orders

In the event that the case reaches the informal settlement conference, the evidence of the case will be presented to the Board members so they can question the veterinarian. If your attorney is with you during this conference, evidence in your favor can be presented to the board. At this point, the case could be allowed to move forward to an Agreed Order or dismissed.

By this point in the process, a violation has likely been proven and an offer for settlement may be made. The veterinarian may be disciplined by means of required education or restrictions on the job.  There could even be supervision requirements, practice restrictions or many other disciplinary steps before a license is revoked or suspended. Ultimately the best outcome at this point is to have no disciplinary action. In situations where this is not a possibility, your Minneapolis veterinarian license defense attorney can negotiate disciplinary action instead of revocation or suspension of your license. In the event that the veterinarian agrees with an Agreed Order, they sign it and it is forwarded to the board to be ratified. If you do not agree with the Agreed Order, you and your attorney can appeal the board’s decision.

Call Your Minneapolis Veterinarian License Defense Lawyer

Great love and hard work go into your decision to become a veterinarian. If you find your livelihood under fire you must defend yourself by means of hiring an experienced lawyer who can help navigate the process and ensure that you get the best possible outcome with the state licensing board. To learn more about how you can defend your right to practice, schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today by calling the Speas Law Firm, PA at 612-333-6160.