Tips to Find a Job After A Conviction

No matter how big or small your crime was, if you are convicted of a crime, your life is going to be very different. You may end up paying a lot money in fines which can really hurt your financial future. You may end up spending some time in jail. Time behind bars can really affect your outlook on life.

Adding to your punishment, you probably lost your job. It can be really hard to find a job after you have been convicted of a crime. Here are some tips to help you get back to work.

  • Check your criminal record to ensure that it is accurate. There are times when your criminal record is wrong so it is important to make sure that everything on it is accurate. The less charges that are on your record, the more likely you will get a job.
  • Know the laws in your area. Federally, you can’t be denied a job due to a criminal record unless there is just cause. For example, you can’t be denied a job due to a drug conviction unless you are trying to work at a pharmacy or a similar place where you will be exposed to medications. You also won’t be able to work with money if you have been convicted of embezzlement. Employment laws differ by state so you might want to consult your lawyer about what to expect after a conviction.
  • Read job applications carefully. Some employers only care about felonies. They don’t ask about misdemeanors at all. Others only want to know about the last five or ten years. You might not have to talk about your conviction at all so be sure to read the fine print!
  • Make sure that you are honest when you apply for a job. As a convicted criminal (no matter what charge), you are going to have to say yes when asked. You are also going to have to be prepared to talk about your conviction if asked, especially if you get an interview. Don’t make any excuses for your mistakes. Instead, own up to them.
  • When you are in an interview, focus on your strengths. If you are truly qualified for the position, make sure that the interviewer knows that. Many employers will overlook a conviction if they feel like the candidate is perfect for the job.
  • Focus on what you have learned from your conviction. You may also want to talk about what you have learned and how you have changed your life for the better since your conviction. If you have just been convicted, talk about how you plan on changing your life and what you are hoping to accomplish in the near future to improve your life.
  • Look into getting your record expunged. If you lead an exemplary life after your conviction (for several years), you might be able to get your criminal record expunged. Though you will still have a conviction, your records will be sealed and it might be easier to find a job.

Though finding a job may seem too hard, it is possible to find work after a conviction. With some hard work and some honest conversations, you may just be able to find the right job for you! Don’t be afraid to talk about it, without making excuses. Instead, own up to your mistakes.

Any time that you get an interview, talk about how perfect you are for the job. Discuss your strengths and why you think you would be able to do the job well and you just might find yourself with a good job that you can be proud of!

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