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Minnesota Accountant License Defense Lawyer

Being that you are a licensed accountant practicing in Minnesota, it’s essential for you to prepare yourself and know how to handle any accusation that could affect the status of your license.  You should have your Minneapolis accountant license defense attorney’s number close so that the very second that you find yourself needing to defend a complaint that has been filed against you by a competitor, co-worker or customer, you are prepared and ready to meet the accusation head on.As soon as you’ve made that very important call, Jennifer Speas can give you the advice you need and let you know what you should and should not say so that you don’t accidentally incriminate yourself.  Using her more than 20 years of experience, she can instruct you on the best way to respond to these charges so that you can get the proper information to the state licensing board in the amount of time that they require.

Meeting A Complaint With Confidence

If a person feels violated in any way, justifiably so, or not, they can make a complaint against you to the state licensing board. Sometimes a customer might have a grudge because they felt that they were entitled to more of a refund or in some cases, feel certain their books were intentionally erred to cover up further crimes such as embezzlement. So many possibilities exist and even the smallest complaint is investigated by the state licensing board to ensure the steadfastness and valiance of their profession.

After a complaint has been lodged against you, you will receive contact from them in the form of a letter, letting you know that a complaint has been made and an investigation is in progress. It is possible that you may need to speak with an investigator via telephone. In cases in which the investigator finds no evidence, the case is often dismissed with no repercussions on your license. In the event that some viable evidence is found, you will be called to appear before the licensing board to answer to the complaint. This is when you need your Minneapolis accountant defense lawyer by your side the most.

Securing the help of Jennifer Speas as your attorney – just like many throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cites metro has done – greatly reduces the possibility that your professional license will be revoked or suspended. This also helps you lessen the chance that you will suffer the consequences of serious disciplinary actions which could tarnish your name and destroy the business you worked so hard to build. If you find yourself with a revoked or suspended professional license or facing strict disciplinary actions, all hope is not lost. Jennifer Speas can guide you through the appeals process which could get your license reinstated.

Getting The Result You Need To Protect Your Livelihood

While reinstatement is the goal when a license has already been suspended or revoked, the initial goal is to have the matter dismissed. There is a chance to do this when appearing before the licensing board and your attorney can present every reason why the evidence that the investigator found was weak. Your Minnesota accountant license defense attorney can even present evidence that works in your favor, proving the facts in the case.

Contact A Minneapolis Accountant License Defense Lawyer

Most believe that being an accountant is a relatively low-key occupation with little potential for license battles or need for reputation defense, but it is not the rare occurrence it would seem. If you have come under review by the state licensing board and found yourself accused of any violations that risk hurting your reputation or your license, it is imperative that you contact your attorney quickly. Even though these cases don’t go to court, they still can have an extreme impact on your life and business. Call 612-333-6160 to schedule a initial consultation with Jennifer Speas to find out how she can defend you and protect your future.