Rights of the Employee When Accused of Theft

Minnesota Employee Embezzlement Lawyer If you have been accused of theft at your place of employment, your primary worry may be whether or not you will be fired from that job. However, you may want to be concerned for more than just your employment status when it comes to theft. If you have been accused… Read more »

Drug Charges That Come From Selling Extra Prescription Drugs

Minnesota Criminal Lawyer Jennifer Speas Represents Minneapolis & St. Paul Area A number of people end up with prescription drugs for one reason or another. Perhaps you had surgery and were prescribed opioids. Maybe you didn’t end up needing them for long as the doctors expected or hated the way they made you feel. Regardless… Read more »

Public Protest and Disorderly Conduct Charges in Minnesota

The American Right to Protest Americans have the right to gather together and protest injustice. These rights were forged in the conflicts that lead to our own revolution, and are written and protected as part of federal and state constitutions. These are some of our most basic rights as citizens. Authorities, those elected and appointed… Read more »

How Escorts Differ From Prostitution in Minnesota

Minnesota Prostitution Defense Lawyer Jennifer Speas Minnesota has cracked down hard on prostitution over the years, recently stepping up their activities to limit the act on areas around the internet. Yet, even though law enforcement has stepped up their efforts, you may still see advertisements for businesses that seem an awful lot like prostitution –… Read more »

How a Presence of a Gun Effects Other Criminal Charges

Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Jennifer Speas It is a dangerous world out there, and many have sought to take their personal safety into their own hands in the form of a gun. However, carrying a gun without taking the proper steps to have a concealed carry permit is a dangerous affair, especially if you find… Read more »

Get Help for Minneapolis Gross Misdemeanors

Minneapolis Gross Misdemeanors In Minnesota, a gross misdemeanor is any crime that is not a felony or a misdemeanor. The maximum fine imposed for a gross misdemeanor is $3,000, and the maximum jail time is one year. Unlike other states that define any crime that requires less than a year in prison a misdemeanor, Minnesota utilizes… Read more »

Defending Yourself Against Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges in Minnesota

Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Attorney Jennifer Speas In the state of Minnesota, Criminal Sexual Conduct charges are categorized in 5 different degrees. 1st degree is arguably the most serious charge and they rank down to the 5th degree which typically involves allegations of sexual contact or lewd behavior. There is a quick breakdown of the various… Read more »

Do You Need a Lawyer If a Child Brought a Knife to School?

Minnesota Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney Having a pocket knife is a useful tool. For some teens, getting a pocket knife of their own may be something of a rite of passage. They can use it during hunting season or as a tool for a variety of outdoor tasks. However, even if you present your child… Read more »