What Are “Aggravating Factors” in a Minnesota DWI?

When you are arrested for a DWI, you think that things couldn’t possibly get worse than a conviction. However, while standard DWI punishments are harsh, believe it or not, they get worse. When it comes to DWI charges, there are regular DWI charges and there are aggravated DWI charges. If you are convicted of a… Read more »

What Is The Minnesota Open Bottle Law?

Like many other states, Minnesota takes a firm stance on open containers of alcohol in vehicles. While a select few have no open container state laws, Minnesota is not counted among them, but it also does not have the harshest penalties either. However, while drivers may fear a DWI charge because of the presence of… Read more »

How Long Does a DWI Stay On My Record in Minnesota?

If you have been arrested for a DWI, you should be ready to defend yourself with the best possible legal defense. While a DWI seems like something you can get past quickly, the punishments for even first timers are harsh and will have a very long-lasting effect on your life, more so than you would… Read more »

Will A DWI Affect My Ability To Drive A Boat, Snowmobile, or ATV?

Everyone knows that driving while intoxicated in a car or truck will net you the loss of your driver’s license if you are caught. However, not everyone knows how a drunk driving conviction in a car will affect their rights to operate other motorized vehicles. In the past, it didn’t have an effect. It was… Read more »

Rights of the Employee When Accused of Theft

Minnesota Employee Embezzlement Lawyer If you have been accused of theft at your place of employment, your primary worry may be whether or not you will be fired from that job. However, you may want to be concerned for more than just your employment status when it comes to theft. If you have been accused… Read more »