Minnesota State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Jennifer Speas Criminal Defense LawyerMinnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, Jennifer Speas is a graduate of Drake Law School, where she focused her studies on State and Federal criminal defense. Ms. Speas has been nominated Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, and has been featured in “Who’s Who in Criminal Defense”. She is a member of the Amdahl Inn of Court and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

For over 20 years, Jennifer Speas has committed herself to defending individuals being charged with crimes. Her intelligence in the courtroom and her dedication to her clients and her practice has earned her respect from judges, prosecutors, and fellow lawyers. This reputation and familiarity with the Minnesota and Federal Courts System, along with her strong knowledge and litigation skills, has allowed her to take to trial or negotiate hundreds of criminal cases.

Being charged with a crime doesn’t mean you are a bad person

Jennifer Speas understands this and recognizes that good people can make mistakes and, when that happens, they deserve an excellent attorney who will fight for their rights and minimize the consequences of those mistakes. Whether it is a DWI, Drug Charge, Domestic Assault, White Collar or any other criminal charges, you do not need to face it alone. Jennifer Speas is a MN criminal defense lawyer who will stand up with you and fight for you the whole way.

The lawyer you choose after being charged may be the most important decision you make

Whether you’re charged with a Sex CrimeDrug ChargeAssault ChargeDWI or anything else, the criminal attorney you choose is critical to the successful outcome of your case. Being convicted of a crime can have serious consequences which can affect your life for years afterward.

You need a knowledgeable Minneapolis criminal defense attorney to explain the consequences you are facing in order to fully understand your situation. Jennifer Speas’ years of experience and respect in the legal community will work to your advantage and ensure that you make not only the most informed and knowledgeable decisions for yourself but also the most beneficial decisions for your life now and in the future.

Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Serving The Entire Twin Cities

Jennifer Speas has dedicated her practice to ensuring her clients are comfortable and knowledgeable with what is happening during their case, keeping them informed of their situation and the progress every step of the way. With a friendly and helpful staff, phone lines open 24 hours a day, and access to email, Ms. Speas is always available when questions or concerns may arise. Ms. Speas is dedicated to helping you understand your case and making the best possible resolution for your individual situation.

Having defended State and Federal cases in all the major counties surrounding the twin cities: Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, Dakota, Carver and Anoka counties, Jennifer Speas is known as a tough criminal defender and can assist you effectively – no matter where your incident may have occurred.

Contact A Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer

If you are being charged with a Sex Crime, a Drug charge, a DWI or DUI, an Assault Charge or any traffic offense, you can rest assured that Ms. Speas has handled hundreds of cases similar to yours and can be confident that she will work to reach a positive outcome for you as well. Call 612-333-6160 today to request a initial consultation.