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Minnesota Criminal Investigation and Pre-Charge Lawyer

Attorney Jennifer Speas Criminal Defense LawyerCriminal defense representation during investigation and pre-charge or pre-indictment

The most critical time to have an attorney is during the investigation/pre-charging period of our case. If you, or someone you care about, is under investigation or has been contacted by the police, now is the time to hire an experienced Minneapolis criminal investigation attorney.

Jennifer Speas is well-versed in state and federal criminal law. She can protect your rights and represent your interests if you have already been charged or if you are under investigation. Having experienced legal representation by your side can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Ms. Speas has the knowledge of state and federal law, knows how investigations are conducted, and can give you the proper advice when you are under investigation.

Guidance You Can Trust

Once you become a suspect or “target” of an investigation, the police stop investigating the crime and begin investigating you. If you do not have a lawyer, the police can call you, come to your home, and come to your place of work to question you at any time. You need a lawyer to put a stop to this. Here are some of the things Ms. Speas do for clients during the investigation process:

  1. Protect your rights
  2. Investigate leads the officers have ignored
  3. Facilitate a polygraph to prove your innocence
  4. Investigate your accuser
  5. Contact prosecutors to mitigate your charges
  6. Quash a warrant for arrest
  7. Offer cooperation in exchange for dismissal of charges

The Help You Need When Being Investigated

Ms. Speas has helped countless clients under investigation for crimes including, drug dealing, fraud and sex crimes. These clients have avoided charges or they have mitigated their case. The time to do this is before the case reaches the County Attorney’s Office. Ms. Speas can do the following:

  • An investigation can be conducted on your behalf to gather evidence in your favor. This evidence can sometimes be used to keep the government from filing charges against you and can include evidence investigators have missed or ignored, facilitating a polygraph to prove your innocence, and investigating your accuser.
  • You will undergo the necessary preparation for trial. If the government decides to file charges against you, work will have already begun on your defense. This means you will be prepared for trial.
  • Stop a warrant for your arrest
  • Make a deal in exchange for the dismissal or reduction of charges
  • Contact the prosecutor to mitigate the charges against you

Contact A Minneapolis Criminal Investigation Attorney

If you, or someone you know, is contacted by the police, the first thing you should do is tell them to talk to an attorney. The second thing you do is call 612-333-6160 to request a initial consultation.

Minnesota criminal investigation lawyer, Jennifer Speas, represents clients throughout the Twin cities concluding Minneapolis, St. Paul Anoka Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington and Dakota County. Criminal defense attorney, Jennifer Speas, also represents clients charged with crimes in Minnetonka, Edina, Bloomington, Plymouth, St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie, Wayzata, and surrounding Metro areas.