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Lawyers are always under magnifying glasses. Every action is scrutinized, so accusations of ethics violations or other types of violations can happen. A lawyer can be accused of a violation when gathering evidence for a case. They can also be accused of witness or jury tampering or even fraud. No matter the accusation, an investigation can be conducted that can lead to a disciplinary hearing by the Bar. This then warrants the help of a fellow Minneapolis professional license attorney to help you defend yourself against the accusations.

Working together, you and Ms. Speas can challenge any misconduct accusation, as she has done for attorneys throughout St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the entire Twin Cities. Jennifer Speas is well-versed in professional license defense and can use her expertise to help you fight for what is yours.

Help Through The Entire Professional License Defense Process

As you know, it is important to call your attorney as soon as possible so work can immediately begin on the matter. Ms. Speas will work with you from the time of the accusation until you are reinstated. You won’t be alone throughout the hearing, any appeals, citations, revocation, suspension, and/or reinstatement. When you have a solid defense in place, your professional license may never be suspended or revoked at all. Even if sanctions are imposed, they could be temporary. Sometimes cases against lawyers are too weak or the evidence in the lawyer’s favor is so strong that the case is dismissed and the lawyer can go on practicing as usual.

Fighting For The Right Result In Your Case

Ms. Speas is a Minneapolis professional license attorney who believes in reaching a fair result. Many times, this fair result is a dismissed case, while other times it is minimizing the consequences. It is possible for a complaint to be unsubstantiated, found to have insufficient evidence, or inconclusive. Sometimes cases are referred to the Attorney General for prosecution, referral to the local district attorney, or a citation is issued. If you are looking at a negative result, Ms. Speas will work hard to ensure the best outcome.

All in all, it is imperative to have a fellow attorney by your side who is well-versed in professional licensing so you can secure the best outcome. It is possible that future professional licenses could be adversely affected by this matter. There is also the fact that what happens with your law career becomes public information, which can hurt your standing within the community. With an aggressive advocate in your corner, there are issues that you may not have to face.

Contact A Minneapolis Professional License Attorney

If you are an attorney whose license is threatened, it is important to defend the license that you worked so hard to acquire and keep. There are many reasons why a professional license may face possible revocation. It’s important to challenge those reasons. To learn more about how Jennifer Speas can help you, call today at 612-333-6160 to schedule a initial consultation.