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State v. Rhines

Attorney Jennifer Speas Criminal Defense LawyerClient charged with 1st degree drug possession and facing 48 months in prison. Challenged the search warrant based upon lack of probable cause and illegal dog sniff and illegal entry into secured apartment building. Defense won and case dismissed.

State v. Walker

Client charged with 1st degree drug possession and facing 78 months in prison. Police testified that client gave consent to search hotel room. Suppressed evidence because client was not given Miranda warnings and able to prove he did not consent. Case dismissed.

State v. Frost

Client charged with Violating Order for Protection against an ex-significant other. Resolved as a Continuance for Dismissal and $100.00 in fines.

State v. Mycka

Client charged with Gross Misdemeanor Driving After Cancellation and Probation Violation. Client got a Stay of Adjudication with a vacate and dismiss and the prosecutor agreed to take no action on the probation violation.

State v. Schibilla

Client charged with DWI – Refusal (3rd time DWI), Fleeing, Hit and Run, and had a Probation Violation; facing one year on the Refusal charge and one year on the Violation. Plead to Refusal with a sentence of 180 days (with 120 on home monitoring), $50 fine, and no home monitoring fees.

State v. Gundy

Client charged with 1st Degree Drug Possession including possession of loaded firearms, facing 72-months in prison. Won Motion to sentence as a dispositional departure and client did 8-months in the workhouse.

Investigation – Ramsey County

Client under investigation for Criminal Sexual Conduct. Conducted interviews and did independent polygraph examination showing my client was innocent. County Attorney declined criminal charges.

State v. Boyd

Client charged with 1st Degree Robbery. Made a motion to dismiss and proved that the County Attorney charged the wrong person. Case dismissed.