Hit and Run

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Minneapolis Criminal Vehicular Operation Attorney | Minneapolis Hit And Run Lawyer

Hit and Run, no matter the extent of the damage can be a serious crime.  By the very definition, it means that someone left the scene of an accident.  Depending on the damage, leaving the scene of the accident could result receiving a misdemeanor charge for property damage or a felony charge if a person is hurt or killed.  The law requires that anytime there is an accident, drivers are required to leave a note, exchange information with the damaged party or notify the police.  Even if you do not feel safe stopping, you must report the accident as soon as you get to a safe area.  If you have been involved in a Hit and Run Accident, and you are not sure what your obligations are, contact a Minneapolis Criminal Vehicular Operation Attorney for advice.  Protect your rights as soon as possible.

Possible Consequences Of Hit And Run

Even the most minor of accidents which cause property damage could result in very serious consequences because leaving the scene of an accident shows disregard for not only the property owner but the law.  There are several factors to be considered in the determination of a penalty for hit and run charges; which include the nature of the accident, where the accident happened, the extent of damage, possible intoxication, and prior penalties or convictions.  Reporting and cooperating with law enforcement during the investigation of the accident is critical.  A Minneapolis Criminal Vehicular Operation Attorney can help you understand charges and allegations which may not only result in being part of your permanent record but could also include significant fines, loss of your driving privileges, probation, parole or even imprisonment.

Defense of Your Rights if Charged with Hit and Run

Depending on the Hit and Run Violation, the penalties can be minor or severe and a Minneapolis Criminal Vehicular Operation Attorney can make all the difference in the result.  They will also be able to assist you in reporting your hit and run, if you have not already done so.  However, it is important to realize that it is also possible to be accused of Hit and Run and not be guilty of the offense.  Your Criminal Vehicular Operation Attorney can assist you in determining any obligation you may have.


To be accused of Hit and Run is a serious offense.  Whether you are guilty or innocent of the charges, you deserve a strong criminal defense to receive the best possible result.  Schedule a initial consultation today and learn how the Speas Law Firm P.A. can help you defend your rights.  Take care of your Hit and Run Charge.  Put the fear of the consequences behind you and take back your life.  Call 612-333-6160 today for a initial consultation.