Violent Crimes

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Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer For Violent Crimes

Attorney Jennifer Speas Criminal Defense LawyerThe violent crimes classification encompasses a number of different crime types. Homicide, domestic violence, manslaughter, and assault are all crimes that fall into the category of violent crimes.

When a crime is violent, it can carry large bail amounts or no option for bail. Conviction for these crimes can involve a number of consequences, such as life in prison, the death penalty, large fines, and restitution to victims. There may be long probationary periods, anger management courses, and much more.

Because cases involving violent crimes involve high stakes and raw emotions, you need a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney who has the experience and the knowledge to handle your case the way it needs to be so you can achieve the best possible outcome.

Experience With The Complexity Of Criminal Cases

Violent crime charges are very complex and the prosecutors will look for every piece of evidence that they can find. Statements by witnesses, physical evidence, intent, criminal history, possible motives, relationship to the victim, and weapons access are all factors that they use when assembling the case.

You will work with an attorney who specializes in creating strategic defenses to violent crimes cases. What’s more is that your attorney has a track record of success. It is important that your attorney knows the judicial system so you can be provided with the best defense.

The approach that we take is an aggressive one so that we can fight for your rights. This begins long before your trial takes place. We work to have you released from jail on your own recognizance or to have the bail reduced as much as possible. The next step is to put together the best defense possible. We will also use all resources available to us, such as DNA experts, psychologists, and other experts. Sometimes cases are resolved before they ever make it to trial and other times the case goes to trial and your attorney is there fighting for you every step of the way.

Helping Clients Accused Of All Types Of Violent Crimes

A violent crime is defined as a crime involving physical harm inflicted on another person, the threat of hurting another, or the likelihood of causing harm to another. Even drug crimes can be considered violent. This is due to both the state and federal government qualifying certain crimes as violent despite the degree of violence involved.

With the right Minnesota criminal defense attorney working by your side, you can receive the result that you need to move forward with your life.

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If you have been accused of a violent crime, you deserve to have your rights protected and you deserve the best possible criminal defense so that you can receive a fair result. At Speas Law Firm, PA, you will work with an attorney who is knowledgeable of the law and how it applies to your case. To find out more about what we can do for you in your case, call 612-333-6160 to schedule a initial consultation.